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August 2, 2016

Top 5 Things That Were 3D Printed

3D printing involves the creation of 3-dimensional objects from printable models, a process also referred to as addictive manufacturing. Creation of these models that are printable could be through photogrammetry applications and a simple digital camera, CAD or through a 3D scanner. The models are then sliced into several layers before being printed by a 3D printer a time. This technology is the beginning of the third industrial revolution and has open up lots of chances. Below are five unbelievable 3D printed things that are absolutely amazing.


Imagine the possibility of printing food that we can eat and thus ending deaths due hunger, sounds crazy right? Well it is not, not according to Cornell Creative Machines Lab who announced back in 2012 the possibility of making food using 3D hydrocolloid printing. NASA consents to this possibility having given a contract to a consultancy firm if they could study the possibility of printing space food for their astronauts.
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3D Printed Artificial Limbs
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There was no way 3D printing could not have found use in the medical arena. There are some artificial limbs which have been made through this process to help out victims and amputees of wars. Even better, it has made them far more affordable with reports indicating some of the people injured in the Syrian civil war are beneficiaries of these 3D printed limbs.


Yes, a gun may also be 3D printed similarly to the food. “Defense Spread” a United States group which made a 3D printed firearm nicknamed the “liberator” demonstrated it was possible. There decided they could put the models to this and their instructions such that people had the possibility of downloading and reproduce this gun. Your guess is nearly as good as mine the authorities saw this and couldn’t sit back, they were told to pull out the directions off their sites.

Vehicles Were 3D Printed

Autos can be 3D printed and not just simple cars, but instead supercars. Koenigsegg (Swedish supercar manufacturer) made one in 2014. A year after that’s 2015 Airbus declared the inclusion of 1000 3D printed parts within their new Airbus A350 XWB. The starting point was back in 2010 when an US engineering company and a 3D printers firm partnered to make the first 3D printed automobile nicknamed “Urbee”. It was its body and windows that were printed.

3D Printed Buildings

Note it is 3D printed buildings and not to mean models as those used by architects and architecture firms to show their clients. A Chinese firm based in Shanghai made two 3D printed buildings you could actually live in. There 3D printers work by producing construction materials layers on each other to packed building blocks.